Letters to the Editor

June 8: letters to the editor

From a mom to a mom

Thank you Lucile Lynch. Mother’s Day may have come and gone but we can still celebrate motherhood. I have got to know you this academic year. You are a great mom and a passionate supporter of equity in education. Although I am known to all as a liberal, I never saw you through a political lens. However, through your actions, I saw you were making a difference for kids. You were stoic and took all the pain that was hurled at you until the elections. I do not have the courage that you have but I sure can acknowledge and admire your qualities.

Since last January, I have attended all the San Dieguito Union High School District board meetings and can appreciate what you and your committee have done to ensure that aquatic curriculum is free for all. I am proud of you for giving support to the parents of children with Individualized Education Programs and in Special Education. Through my experience as an educator, I have found that children are kind and impartial. They always reach out to adults who have suffered for them. Ten years from now, many of these children will come up to you and give you hugs. They will thank you for the work you did with no expectations.

Sheila Mitra Sarkar



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