Letters to the Editor

June 15: Letters to the editor

CCA or CCE, it is all more government control of markets

Those interested in the expansion of government into the electrical utility business tout green energy and so saving the planet from man-caused climate change, and tangentially lower electrical costs.

A point to consider is that should a CCA or CCE be such a great deal, why is government force used, even required, to initially provide the customers once your local government votes to establish a CCA? I refer you to the Solana Beach technical study, page 66, here: (AB 2145 which would have required consumers to “opt-in” to a CCA program, would have both been lethal to CCA formation).

A good deal does not require customers to be forced to buy, conversely, customers flock to a good deal, clamoring for its benefits.So why the need for force?


Additionally, the science is hardly settled concerning the use of fossil fuels as damaging to the planet. If knowledge appeals, fill your coffee cup and settle in to read here: and then here:

Bill Stoops

Solana Beach

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