Our Readers Write: Opinion letters Sept. 13

School Safety Resolution does not represent parents’ community

What happened over the last six months in our beloved DMUSD?

After the tragic events in Parkland High School, Fla., the parents’ community of DMUSD called upon their board to pass a School Safety Resolution. The resolution was meant to be a statement from our community to state and federal officials about what measures parents in our district believe are needed for safer schools. This movement was started by parents, not by “anti-guns activists,” in reaction to the massacres of children by children in schools.

The parents’ hope was that the DMUSD would join with San Dieguito Union High School District, San Diego Unified School District, Encinitas, Cardiff and other districts across the country that included specific language around reducing access to military-style weapons.

To this end, multiple hearings, emails, letters and a petition were conducted and sent by hundreds and hundreds of parents to the board to express what they wanted to see in the safety resolution.

Fast-forward six months, to the board meeting last month. Three members of the board (Doug Rafner, Scott Wooden and Kristin Gibson) refused to include language asking for a ban on assault weapons, armor-piercing ammunition and bump stock into the School Safety Resolution. They knew this specific language was overwhelmingly supported by the parents community, and was supported by other districts across the country. The meeting was the surreal scene of a 3-minute, uninterrupted string of threats uttered by a gun-owner lobbyist (non-DMUSD parent) towards any board member who would support the ban. Subsequently, the San Diego County Gun Owners newsletter was titled “Victory at Del Mar Union School Board?!” and went on to thank board member Scott Wooden for his “leadership and wisdom.”

The parents’ community strongly feel they have been dismissed by their elected officials, and the School Safety Resolution does not represent their community.

Helene Citeau

Del Mar

Viewpoints of parents should not be ignored

I am outraged to hear that an NRA lobbyist hijacked a recent local school board meeting! As a parent of two former Hills and Heights students, I was stunned to hear from a parent who attended the meeting that three board members refused to support the inclusion of specific language re ban on assault-style weapons into the school safety plan. A gun owner lobbyist took the stand and threatened any board member who supported the inclusion of this language. Consequently, the inclusion failed to pass.

A sad moment in the history of the DMUSD.

Carole Bremner

‘Fair Campaign Practices’ should be followed

As a candidate for Del Mar City Council, I feel compelled to express my concerns regarding anonymous campaign materials that have been circulated against Measure R. The materials include insulting language directed against the proponent who led the effort to put Measure R on the ballot. They also used a website URL similar to the City of Del Mar’s website to deceptively distribute their hateful message. Personal attacks detract from open and clear discussion of the issues and must be discouraged.

As a candidate, I voluntarily signed a State and a City pledge to adhere to Fair Campaign Practices, which include no use of anonymous materials, disclosure of who paid, and a focus on issue-based campaigning while avoiding personal attacks.

However, I would encourage the residents of Del Mar to vote No on Measure R. Our city council has taken a unanimous position against Measure R and I fully agree with their position.

Terry Gaasterland