Letters/Opinion: Sept. 20

All participating in election should adhere to ethical campaign rules

We the undersigned, candidates for seats on the Del Mar City Council, write to express our concern that early campaign materials disseminated in Del Mar as to the Shoreline Initiative (Measure R) are anonymous, do not disclose who is paying for them, use a website URL that is easily confused with the City of Del Mar official website, and include a paid ad using derogatory personal attack language. We support a campaign of issues, that avoids personal attacks, and that does not disseminate misleading or anonymous materials.

These kinds of anonymous, personal attacks corrupt the democratic process and impede Del Mar’s ability to host a vigorous, but fair, campaign focused on the issues. We ask all those participating in this election to adhere to the ethical campaign rules that apply in Del Mar, including Del Mar’s new Resolution No. 2018-06, adopting DEL MAR FAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES including Policy 108 set forth in Exhibit A thereto. Specifically:

1. Not to use anonymous materials or straw men. (Policy 108, Section 2)

2. To always disclose who is paying for campaign materials as required by state law (Cal. Gov’t Code) with the notation “Paid for by (name of committee or individual).”

3. To avoid personal attacks, innuendo, and false statements. (Policy 108 Section 3(d)) and to focus on issue based campaigning.

4. To avoid use of websites or other campaign materials that can be confused with official city material. (Policy 108 Section 3(b)).

5. To promptly correct anything false or misleading released in my name (Policy 108 Section 3(e).

All four candidates for council in Del Mar have signed this pledge. All four were invited to sign this letter to the editor calling on others engaged in campaign activities to abide by the pledge as well. The anti-Measure R website with the misleading URL is still active and still has the offensive ad. We call on those responsible to clean it up and bring it into conformance with the above campaign rules or to take it down.


Dwight Worden

Daniel Quirk