Letters/Opinion: Sept. 27

Maps must be revised to reflect current FEMA maps

On Oct. 1 the Del Mar City Council will vote to alter the boundaries of the Floodplain Overlay Zone. This change unnecessarily burdens 108 homeowners far into the future. The proposed boundaries go beyond what FEMA requires and do not need to include these homes.

Prior to passing any Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA), these maps must be revised to accurately reflect the situation and reflect the current FEMA maps.

This is a simple fix, yet one that has not occurred. The city cannot justify failing to correct this prior to voting on the LCPA because if these overreaching maps are included in the LCPA, then the 108 homes that are incorrectly identified will then fall further under the onerous jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission. And, when Del Mar wants to correct this mistake, the Coastal Commission will never release those homes from the burden of the floodplain overlay zone. The city should not voluntarily and unnecessarily cede power over these home as it adds undo encumbrances and restrictions on these homeowners.

Prior to the Oct. 1 Del Mar City Council meeting, the citizens of Del Mar should let their City Council know that, prior to passing any LCPA, these maps must be revised to reflect the current FEMA maps.

Heather Lindsey,

Del Mar

Two votes in Del Mar

The first vote took place and passed in 1988. It was the “Beach Preservation Initiative.” It guaranteed our legal seawalls for 75 years. (My math says we have 45 years to go.)

 The Del Mar City Council will vote on Oct. 1 on a Local Coastal Plan (LCP) amendment that will allow the California Coastal Commission to modify the sea level rise “adaptation plan,” written by the now-dissolved STAC Committee. The Coastal Commission will then have the opportunity to re-insert “managed retreat” into our “adaptation plan.”

 The alternative is to put the “adaptation plan” in Del Mar’s community plan (where the Coastal Commission cannot legally modify it)

The sea level rise “adaptation plan” does not now mention “managed retreat.”

 Watch this council vote closely. The LCP amendment choice is an end run around our now legal seawalls.

2. The second vote is yet to be decided upon. (It may never occur.)

It concerns:

 The large north bluff resort project rezoning from residential to whatever.

 This should be on the ballot in the future!

Again, watch the city council decision closely.

Owen Hahn

Del Mar