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April 20: Letters to the editor

The feel of Del Mar

Sheriff or no Sheriff, that is the question! Will Del Mar survive this? Do we appreciate the “feel of Del Mar” under our Sheriff, or shall we become more of a police state and create our own Del Mar Police Force? This is a very important issue and the future “feel of Del Mar” is in question.

Under the Police Force plan, there would be an increase in our 55-person staff by about 30 percent (19 police personnel with a Chief of Police). A Holding Tank would have to be constructed, as required. Where? At our new City Hall? I hope not; They estimate the start-up costs between $2 million and $3.5 million. That’s just to buy the cars and equipment. Where would they be parked?

Where should the new Police Headquarters be located? Again, not at our new City Hall, I hope. If they do, will the neighbors complain? All over town, with a Police Force, the feel of Del Mar would certainly be much different. Do we want to give that up? I’m for sticking with our Sheriff. Dave Druker has it right.


Hershell Price

Del Mar

Where’s the logic?

Can a city council member and his adviser influence over 100 city residents to blindly accept the “alternative facts” without hearing the opinions from the experts?


What is most important is to read the professional consultants’ report, the city manager’s report, and the city finance committee recommendations, and attend the open forum scheduled in June as to whether the city’s safety is best serviced by continuing with the Sheriff or forming our own city police department.

I believe that when all the true facts are presented the majority of city voters will agree. With a projected $300,000 in annual savings to the city budget, as well as substantial improvements in city safety services, the implementation of our own police department is the best choice.

At the council’s public forum which will be held in June, all questions by the city council members related to the proposal of implementing a city police department will be answered. The public will also have an opportunity to submit their questions to the council members on the subject before the June meeting. In addition, the sheriff sub-committee of the finance committee is hoping to have several open public outreach programs this summer on the topic.

Barry Entous

Del Mar

Short-term rentals in Del Mar

Perhaps this has already been discussed by the Del Mar City Council but have they considered adopting the same rules the City of Solana Beach has in place for short-term rentals?

Especially important is the rule the City of Solana Beach has that all short-term rentals have a laminated placard attached in an easy-to-read place at the front of the property listing a 24-hour number to call to report “problems” being encountered by neighbors of the rental such as loud noise, parking violations etc.


The complete ordinance of this code can be found under Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit- Solana Beach Municipal Code Chapter 4.47

Jan Shields

Solana Beach

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