Letters to the Editor: Oct. 6 issue

Increase safety, stop additional train noise pollution

As a believer in the old adage “there are two sides to every story” I would like to present the flip side of the people complaining about getting ticketed for trespassing on the railroad tracks in Del Mar.

One point that hasn’t been raised is that that when conductors see people walking, jogging, bicycling, pushing their baby in a stroller or walking their dogs or kids on or next to the railroad tracks they are obligated to blow their horns.

For all of us that live near the tracks the noise is unpleasant and disruptive to say the least. Already in Del Mar there are many flashing lights, warning signs, warning bells and loud blasts from every passing train. Now with the people breaking the law and trespassing on the tracks and railroad bed we get the additional warning blasts and horns from the trains over and over.

There are legal places clearly marked for crossing over the tracks. Let’s use those, increase safety, eliminate the need to ticket people for illegally crossing and stop the additional train noise pollution.

Just sayin,

Robert Dalton

Del Mar

Anything but a ‘fake issue’

Mr. Coad had a letter published in the Sept. 29, 2016 Solana Beach Sun on the Solana Beach CCA process. In reply, I offer that there is but one vote this fall by the city council yet to take place to select a bidder to establish a CCA. After that, the council completely on its own while applying a yet-to-be- created community communication plan, which Mr. Zito stated was yet to be defined at the Sept. 28 2016 council meeting (as required by state law AB 117 as part of Chapter 838 of the Public Utilities Code), can obligate the city to a CCA process. 

The selected bidder, to be determined this fall, will have provided pricing on three phases of activity, including program development, launch, and operation No further proposals, negotiations, or public votes are required, and the council can then dictate that we will all be opted in, meaning forced to participate, into whatever construct is produced by the successful bidder. We can then, after being forced to join, go through some yet-to-be determined process, with a cost no doubt of money and labor, exit the agreement we were forced to join initially. Perhaps the city will reimburse a person deciding to opt out for the work and cost involved to opt out, but it would be respectful of individual rights to allow people to initially choose to be a customer, rather than the reverse. 

I also do find it incredulous to think that a rational person could conclude that a government-created entity, called a CCA or JPA, is somehow “competition” for another somewhat government-created entity, that being the monopoly awarded to SDG&E. At least SDG&E has some stockholder equity at stake to address performance risk. With a CCA, and possibly a JPA to follow, the taxpayers will cover all risk to legal and financial, plus technical, performance. The city is indeed establishing itself as an electrical service provider, whether through a public/private arrangement, or a JPA arrangement. In either case, the city will commit taxpayer funding to establish, operate, contract, and manage electrical service to the city residents. 

In conclusion, while costs per kilowatt hour are advertised as comparable to current SDG&E rates, those per kilowatt hour costs will not include the financial management risk and mitigation of that risk, especially if the JPA construct is selected. I fully expect other administrative and management costs to be contained in non-obvious city budget line items. This is anything but, as Mr. Coad calls it, a “fake issue.” Indeed, as another letter writer stated in the Sept. 28, 2016 issue, without the required opt-in procedure, proponents of CCAs know the CCA would fail. See page 66 of the city’s technical analysis for the entire quotation, available at

Bill Stoops

Solana Beach

Kudos to Sutton

Thanks for printing the education articles from Marsha Sutton. I don’t have any kids in the system, so the articles are not of much interest to me other than how the school district will waste my subsidy, but I am still very thankful someone other than the coyote is watching over the henhouse. Keep up the good work Marsha! 

Craig A. Nelson

Solana Beach