Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17


Time to work together

Well, elections are over and the people in Del Mar have spoken. I want to congratulate Ellen, Dave and Sherryl and wish them well in their role as City Council members. This was Del Mar’s first contested election in 10 years. While there can be negative aspects of contested elections, I think some positive things came out of this election.

The election brought to light a number of issues facing Del Mar – creating a vibrant community, adequate law enforcement, short-term rentals, beach and bluff access, etc. The issues were thoroughly and publicly discussed. Residents became aware of these issues and the candidates’ positions – a very good thing.

Through Meet & Greets and candidate forums, residents and candidates had the opportunity to discuss issues and outline their positions. We saw candidates who had certain positions at the beginning of the campaign, change their position in response to hearing what residents actually wanted – another very good thing.

As I have previously said, this was an important election for all of us. I want to thank everyone, whether you supported me or not, for being involved and caring about our community. Now we need to support our new City Council members and work together to solve the issues facing our community.

Please get involved - attend city council and committee meetings. I look forward to seeing you there, and out and about in Del Mar!

Thank you and goodbye for now…

T. Pat Stubbs

Del Mar

Go make a difference

Many woke up Nov. 9 scratching their heads and hoping to turn on the TV and see that it was all a bad dream. They will finally break from the bickering to say…”Live from New York, it’s Saturday night.” Well, that’s not going to happen but this is a good opportunity to remove the negative comments, especially around our kids, and instead encourage their generation to get involved and do something.

Public service at any level is not easy but it’s only a few brave soles that take the leap and try to make a difference. “Actions speak louder than words” is an under-used statement mainly because we want to complain but aren’t really interested in truly taking action. If you feel fed up with the national news then take the time to put your energy into your neighborhood, schools and community. This is where you are needed and appreciated. We all have a talent to share either through coaching a sport, tutoring at the library or volunteering at school. Investing our time into our community, that is how we all win. Ask yourself, “Am I just busy filling my time or am I filling my heart.” Go make a difference.

Stephanie Kowack

Mom of three teenagers, volunteer

DM citizens want right to vote on Community Plan changes

Measure ‘R’ voting reveals:

Del Mar citizens want the right to vote on Community Plan changes

Unfortunately, many also believed Measure ‘R’ as written was flawed, potentially exposing Del Mar to litigation. That message was explained clearly by council member Dwight Worden, well publicized and agreed to by City Council members.

Dwight Worden and our City Council recognized the citizens of Del Mar want the right to vote and accordingly would support a less vulnerably written law.

Again, Del Mar citizens want the right to vote on changes to their Community Plan, and it is now our hope that Mr. Worden and our City Council move forward by drafting a legally defensible right to vote law for their constituents, as promised.

Arnie Wiesel

Del Mar

Citizens Right to Vote Committee