Zenergy Physical Therapy’s holistic approach earns silver award


Zenergy Physical Therapy wants sufferers of back pain and other similar ailments to know that they have more options than the long waits and getting lost in the crowd at other outpatient rehabilitation clinics.

The 11-year-old practice, which is based in Del Mar and uses holistic treatments, has been found as so welcoming that people have often mistaken it for a yoga studio, said Michael Madrid, who co-owns the office with his wife, Rachel Madrid.

Zenergy, which was founded by physical therapist Brent Cesare, is dedicated to rehabilitating patients by using a “whole systems” approach through recovery, energy and motion.

Previously touted by Michael Madrid as a “well-kept secret” in the community, the practice is now earning more recognition. This newspaper’s readers recently voted Zenergy the silver in best physical therapy office in this year’s “Best of North Coast” poll.

After earning a cherished reputation in the Del Mar community, Michael Madrid said the practice was further elevated nearly three years ago when Kenneth Mauck, a 22-year physical therapist, joined the team.

In keeping to Zenergy’s practice, Mauck combines therapy and exercises such as yoga and pilates to help patients achieve their wellness goals.

“Manual therapy is basically soft tissue skills, working with the muscles as well as joint mobilization... to try to enhance the other part of therapy, which is a therapeutic exercise,” he explained. “You combine the two to try to get the most out of increasing somebody’s functions, decreasing their pain and just trying to help them achieve their goals.”

Mauck, who previously worked in the health network system, said he was attracted to Zenergy because of the level of attention he can give to individual patients.

“It’s really a setting that’s much different than any other place that I’ve worked,” he said. “Zenergy is just a much more relaxing atmosphere to work in, and it’s really, in my opinion, the way therapy should be. You have the time to spend with a patient one-on-one and really get to know the patient and try to achieve their goals versus being in a situation where you feel rushed with a multitude of other patients in the clinic at the same time.”

Zenergy currently works with a variety of HMO and PPO plans and is currently pursuing further relationships with insurance companies to better ensure they are an option for anyone who needs physical therapy care.

The practice also offers a variety of free and at-cost classes, including meditation, breathflow transformational breath and yoga.

Since opening Zenergy, Michael Madrid said he has noticed more people gravitating toward this kind of practice for physical therapy needs.

“You used to go to the skilled nursing facilities and maybe do home health,” he said. “Now, we’re seeing a new crowd starting to head to outpatient therapy. You go there, you get what you need done and then you go home. Ken is really good at providing patient and family education so that when the patient goes to the clinic and they get their treatment, they have something to take home and work on.”

Zenergy Physical Therapy is located at 910 Camino Del Mar in Del Mar. For more information, visit www.zenergyholisticpt.com or call 858-792-1124.

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