Del Mar native Taylor Williamson returns home for comedy show

Back when he attended Torrey Pines High School in the early 2000s, Taylor Williamson considered himself as shy and quiet. But it was also during that time that he stepped out of his shell and began attending comedy workshops at The Comedy Store in La Jolla.

"I got bullied as a kid, so that made me develop a wit to outsmart people," the Del Mar native said in a recent interview. "I just fell in love with the art form, and it became an outlet for me. I was so lucky I found a thing and a passion for the first time in my life."

Taylor Williamson
Taylor Williamson Brett Erickson

Now, Williamson will return to the same stage that gave him his start.

The comedian will bring his show to The Comedy Store once again on Nov. 23, 24 and 25.

He said he finds humor in life's unfortunate events.

"Bad things happen to me a lot, so that's good for my act but bad for my life," he said. "When I have a bad thing happen I go, 'Oh, thank you. That's something I can talk about on stage.' I don't know how normal people deal with bad things happening to them. For me, it's like a blessing. It's how I pay my bills. If my life was great all the time then I wouldn't get to have the best job on earth."

Williamson's success as a comedian has led him to being named as a runner-up on "America's Got Talent" in 2013 and as a semi-finalist on the 2010 season of "Last Comic Standing." He is also working on landing a TV show and recently released a stand-up special on Amazon Prime Video. He will also be on a champions version of America's Got Talent early next year.

Williamson considers his upcoming La Jolla show as a good chance for San Diegans to get away from awkward family arguments and conversations stemming around the Thanksgiving holiday. More seriously, he said he's glad he has a career that can bring some positivity into people's lives.

"The world is crazy, and helping people forget about their worries and bring smiles to their faces makes me happy," he said. "Making people happy makes me happy."

He joked that his reputation alone should be a reason for people to come see his show.

"I mean, literally, I'm the second most talented person in America," he quipped. "There's nothing better to do than see the second most talented person in America, if you ask me. They all should know how hard my life was. I grew up in Del Mar, California. They should all support me."

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