Encinitas restaurant offers unique space for local artists


An Encinitas restaurant's mission to stay local doesn't just stop at its ingredients. It also provides a space for North County artists to show their work in a unique setting.

As guests dine at The Patio on 101, which opened on Coast Highway near Moonlight Beach earlier this year, it's easy for them to become struck by Vincent Darmohusodo's photography transferred onto wooden planks and Ana Phelps' glossy pictures.

Hilary Rossi, senior vice president of food and beverage for The Patio Group, which runs The Patio on 101, said her company wanted to involve as much local talent as possible in the restaurant, located at 345 South Coast Highway 101.

"I have loved Encinitas since I moved here to San Diego 21 years ago, as it provides beautiful scenery, amazing sunsets, surfers, cliffs and more," she said. "I get excited when I see amazing local photography of all of this, so when I was trying to bring the beach feel to the restaurant, I felt local photography would really pop. Vincent and Ana have amazing energy and were so excited to be a part of this. This is how I wanted to start the Patio 101 - with local goodness and energy, as we want to be a staple in the community for all."

She said the two dozen pieces the restaurant purchased from Phelps and Darmohusodo will be in the space in perpetuity.

Ana Phelps with her photography at Patio on 101 in Encinitas
(Brittany Woolsey)

Phelps, a Brazilian photographer whose pieces tend to feature landscapes, was encouraged by her degree in interior design to use her photography as decorative pieces for walls and spaces. Each work is finished with surfboard resin to make them glossy.

The Carlsbad-based artist said she believes North County is all about locality. Encinitas, in particular, she said, aims to "do everything local," including shopping, eating, surfing and backing area artists.

Phelps said The Patio on 101 offers a unique space for artists to show their work.

"To have something in our area to support the artists is great," she said. "We love that. We're all about that."

Darmohusodo, an Encinitas-based artist who started his "Pixel on Wood" technique nearly three years ago, said he's grateful for the exposure given to him by Patio on 101.

"Part of being an artist or photographer is so people can see your work," he said. "We're fortunate to have this space."

For more information, visit www.thepatioon101.com.