Carmel Valley resident a serial entrepreneur in diabetes care

A Carmel Valley man is responsible for several tools and supplements for diabetes care.

John F. Burd, Ph.D., who has lived in Carmel Valley since 1987, most recently launched his fifth company, Lysulin, a natural supplement formulated to help lower glucose toxicity. Because Lysulin is a dietary supplement, it is not subject to FDA approval, according to a company spokesperson.

Burd also founded DexCom, which creates continuous glucose monitors for people with diabetes, eliminating the need for fingerstick blood samples.

Other work on his resume includes developing products for Miles Laboratories; chief operating officer of MAST Immunosystems; vice president of Research and Development at Quidel; founder and CEO of LXN, which funded, developed, patented and marketed a unique home-use produce for people with diabetes; general partner at Windamere Venture Partners; founder and CEO of Oculir, Inc.; and founder and CEO of Sabur Technology, Inc, which continued work to develop a noninvasive continuous glucose monitor and partnered with another company, which could be at the FDA in 2019 with a unique product.

Burd recently spoke about his career, his achievements and why working in diabetes care is important to him.

Dr. John F. Burd

Q: What is your history with diabetes care? What got you interested in working to improve the lives of people with diabetes, and when did you become involved?

A: I have several family members who have diabetes and an uncle who passed away due to diabetes complications. As such, diabetes has personally touched my life. My first job out of college was with Ames Laboratories, the makers of the first home tests to measure glucose for people with diabetes. In 1988, I started LXN to make a product for people with diabetes. In 2000, I founded DexCom, now the leader in continuous glucose monitoring. In 2017, I founded Lysulin to develop an all-natural treatment aimed at the cause of diabetes and its complications – protein glycation.

Q: How have you seen the diabetes industry change and flourish, overall, since you began working in it?

A: When I started, it was basically Ames Laboratories and only a couple of other companies involved in diabetes monitoring, care and treatment. The number of people with Diabetes Type 1 and 2 was relatively small. Today, the number of people suffering from pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, has exploded to over 30 million suffering from it in the U.S. alone. On the other side, the number of companies with a focus on care, treatment, monitoring and looking for a care for diabetes has also grown exponentially. This increased focus is good news for people living with diabetes and prediabetes.

Q: What can you share with us about Lysulin? When did it launch, and what are your goals with the product?

A: In 2017, I started Lysulin, Inc. to further my crusade to help people with Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes. Our first product, Lysulin, was launched in January 2018 and the results have been outstanding. Lysulin is targeting a new disease mechanism; protein glycation and the production of AGEs, the cause of insulin resistance and disease complications. The improvement in glycemic control as measured by HbA1c reduction is comparable to or better than current type 2 drugs. Historically, supplements have had a bad reputation because many of them made unsubstantiated claims. Conversely, Lysulin is firmly grounded on a foundation of 25 years of research and development and clinical studies published in peer-reviewed publications, proving that the ingredients in Lysulin will lower blood glucose and the production of glycated proteins.

Glucose in your bloodstream is like a poison. It reacts with all life-giving proteins, adversely affecting how these proteins are intended to work. As these undesirable “Glycated Proteins” increase, A1C levels rise along with the risk of insulin resistance (due to glycation of insulin and insulin receptors) and damage to your heart, blood vessels, kidneys and eyesight. Lysulin acts as a guardian by binding to glucose to form glycated-Lysulin, shielding your proteins from the glucose. The glycated-Lysulin is then safely removed from the body through your urine. Actively managing blood sugar promotes metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological health. Lysulin provides all-natural nutritional support to help you better manage your diabetes.

Q: How does Lysulin compare to other products available for people with diabetes?

A: Lysulin is a natural product which is comprised of essential nutrients that cannot be made by your body and therefore must be obtained in the diet. These ingredients are for the nutritional support and health of people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes.

Lysulin is not a drug, as such it does not have the same side effects associated with most of the drugs available for diabetes care. Also, because it is not a drug, you do not need a prescription, it is available over the counter or on Because there are no observed side effects users, are more likely to continue using Lysulin and obtain the benefits it provides.

Q: DexCom has grown greatly since you created it, with one of the most recent creations being the G6 glucose monitor. How do you feel the company has continued your goals with it since you left?

A: I could not be happier. Over one million people worldwide are helped to better health because of the DexCom sensor. However, I wish the price for the product was lower so that more people could benefit from the advantages it provides.

Q: What do you see or hope for the future of diabetes care?

A: I believe that we can wipe type 2 diabetes off of the face of the earth, starting in the USA. All it takes is for the government and the medical profession to wake up and see that the cause of type 2 diabetes and obesity is the American diet and the ridiculous recommendation for a low-fat, high-carb diet along with ignoring supplements, even though processed foods remove many important nutritional ingredients. Look around – the government recommended diet has failed. Add High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) to the equation and you have the disaster that we are now experiencing. This is wrong. What is needed is low carb, protein-based diets with intermittent fasting along with Lysulin. We have had failed wars on cancer and drugs, but this is a war we can win. Type 2 diabetes can be like polio and smallpox – gone forever.

Q: What else needs to be done in the world of diabetes?

A: A change in governmental and medical policy and recommendations for a diet that can wipe out type 2 diabetes. Put a tax on sugar. It is addictive, like alcohol and drugs.

Q: How do you feel your leadership with each business has helped you get where you are now?

A: Always learn from your mistakes and successes. Keep trying to change things.