San Diego Councilmember Barbara Bry to chair city budget committee

Barbara Bry
Barbara Bry

On Monday, Dec. 19, the San Diego City Council finalized the council committee assignments for 2017 and named new District 1 Councilmember Barbara Bry chair of Budget and Government Efficiency and vice chair of Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods.

Bry will leverage her background in business to advance smart fiscal policies focused on maintaining critical public services and supporting the long-term financial health of the city.

Bry’s policy director, Victoria Joes, will be the committee consultant for budget and government efficiency. A former policy advisor for the mayor’s office and grants and policy manager for the San Diego Port, Joes is experienced in developing and implementing policy at the city level.

“Maintaining a balanced budget is central to our city’s ability to operate and serve the residents of San Diego. I am eager to chair the Committee on Budget and Government Efficiency and will encourage prudent fiscal decision-making in this role,” Bry said. “I am also honored to have been appointed as vice chair of the Committee on Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods. Public safety is the number one function of local government, and keeping our neighborhoods safe is my first priority. Community participation is essential to both the budget process and advancing public safety, so I will work hard to ensure everyone’s voices are heard.”

In addition to her roles as chair and vice chair, Bry will serve as a member of the Committee on Rules and the Committee on Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations.