Two arrested in Carmel Valley home burglary attempt

San Diego Police arrested two men that were involved in a home burglary attempt while a resident was at home in Carmel Valley on May 24. According to Officer Trevor Philips, community relations officer for the Northwestern Division, one man was caught at the scene while the second suspect fled and was arrested at nearby Carmel Grove Park.

Around 5:38 p.m.on Thursday, May 24, officers responded to a 911 call regarding two males attempting to break into a residence located on the 4100 block of Worsch Way. The victim was home when two males rang the doorbell and repeatedly knocked on the door to see if anyone was inside. The victim did not answer but watched the suspects through the peephole.

According to Philips, the suspects moved a large potted plant from the victim’s yard and used it as a step stool and started to take off a screen to a window near the door. The suspects broke the glass and were opening the window when the victim fled out of the back of the house. Officers were in the area and responded within minutes of the 911 call, immediately arresting 19-year-old Cyrus Johnny Sanchez-Flores in the front yard.

The second male fled from the scene on foot. The San Diego Police helicopter arrived on scene and began giving announcements regarding the suspect’s description. Two good Samaritans on mountain bikes in the area identified the second male and were able to point the officers in his last known direction. The suspect was located in a portable bathroom at Carmel Grove Park.

Patrol officers coordinated with the ABLE helicopter and the Canine Unit to locate the suspect, who was taken into custody without incident. He was identified as 19-year-old Rodolfo Enriquez-Lopez.

Enriquez-Lopez and Sanchez-Flores were booked into county jail on several felony charges. Anyone with additional information can contact Northwestern Division investigators at (858) 523-7000.