DMSEF fundraising campaign extended to May 31

The Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) has received tremendous support from parents and the local community as it continues to raise funds for the salaries of STEAM+ specialists in the Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD). STEAM+ is the district’s focus on the integration of science, technology, art, music and physical education enrichment across the curriculum.

Having contributed $1.2 million to DMUSD last year, DMSEF was able to fund 40 percent of the STEAM+ specialists in the schools. Currently, the Foundation has raised just over $1 million and is looking for contributions to meet the current staffing requirements.

“We’re at the highest point ever in the history of the foundation,” DMSEF President Ty Humes said, noting they are $150,000 ahead of where they were last year.

The Foundation is extending the fundraising campaign to May 31 to make sure they reach even higher participation levels from district families. Humes said DMSEF feels confident that the community will come together and make sure children receive the excellent education they deserve — the Foundation generally raises $200,000 to $300,000 during the month of May.

The Foundation has enjoyed strong participation rates this year as five of the eight schools have over 65 percent of families contributing — Sage Canyon and Del Mar Heights Schools both have 69 percent of families participating, Ashley Falls is at 66 percent, Carmel Del Mar is at 67 percent, and Del Mar Hills is at 68 percent. One of the district’s largest schools, Sage Canyon, has topped $200,000 in contributions this year.

Humes said they have also seen large growth in the foundation’s corporate donor program, which he started three years ago. So far the program has raised four times more than it did last year.

“The foundation has been successful this year by getting out and talking and making the message personal; connecting with people and encouraging them to invest in their children’s education,” Humes said. “We have a unique opportunity to have a say in the curriculum. In a public school system that’s very rare.”

The DMSEF celebrated the success of the fundraising year so far with the Snooze Soiree on April 26, hosted by community partners Snooze, an A.M. Eatery and the NFL Alumni Association, San Diego Chapter. Torrey Pines Bank and Vantage Point Advisors, Inc were also sponsors. The drop-in celebration featured musical performances and artwork by students from all eight schools.

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