Carmel Valley resident to be recognized as a ‘Woman of Influence’

Carmel Valley resident Dr. Maryam Davodi Far has been selected as a final nominee for the San Diego Women of Influence Awards. Davodi Far is being recognized for the work she does with the Cancer Coping Center.

On March 15, Davodi Far will be among a number of other women who will be honored as a “Woman of Influence” at the recognition event held at the Hilton San Diego Mission Bay.

Davodi Far has been a resident of San Diego since 1985 and has been in living in Carmel Valley since 2000. In 2005, Davodi Far founded and became the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, the Cancer Coping Center. The staff constitutes a group of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to provide coping strategies for cancer patients, their family members and caregivers. Through her hard work and inventive leadership, Davodi Far created a successful nonprofit organization with numerous effective and creative programs to serve cancer patients.

Collaborating with advocates, the programs are designed to be taken to treatment facilities. No fee is needed to participate. The measurable outcomes consist of enhancing the patient’s quality of life, making available a venue for family members to express their anger, pain and sadness, and providing an emotional outlet for both caregivers and patients. More importantly, a living legacy in art form is created in the process.

Davodi Far has won numerous awards, including 10 News Leadership Award, 40 under 40, Stay Classy Awards, Molina Healthcare Award, Women Who Move the City Award and many others.

Davodi Far combines her skills as a health care administrator and as an MFT intern to merge those skills with the talents of medical doctors, nurses and scientists, community members, philanthropists and a number of artists to bring innovative programs to cancer patients in a variety of settings. It is the collective ability and expertise of the staff and volunteers which have made for numerous occasions where the Center has been recognized by the communities it serves.

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