Gloves on, lights out: Solana Beach’s GOLO Boxing

A high-energy fitness boxing class at Solana Beach’s GOLO Boxing.

GOLO Boxing, a boutique boxing gym in Solana Beach, helps people work up a sweat and knock out some stress with its unique, high-energy fitness classes. Once the gloves go on, the lights go out in the studio for a fun, full-body workout.

“The lights go down and the music starts pumping and all hell breaks loose,” said owner Andrew Ferber.

GOLO Boxing owner Andrew Ferber. Courtesy

Ferber opened GOLO Boxing in May 2017. The New York native is a second degree black belt who also owns his own personal training business. He has been boxing since he was 12 years old and as a member of the fitness industry for 30 years, he has always incorporated the sport he loves into his training.

“I think this community really needed it,” Ferber said of his motivation to open a boxing gym, looking to restore some of the prestige of the sport he is so passionate about and to teach the sweet science of the sport to others.

Ferber opted not to put a ring in his boxing gym—he wanted to create an environment that was not intimidating, classy and, most importantly, impeccably clean.

“It’s different than any other boxing gym I’ve been in,” said Whitney Slavin, the studio manager.

Slavin started boxing 10 years ago and immediately experienced the sport’s numerous benefits: cardio, endurance, strength and the valuable mind-body connection. Boxing built up her self-confidence and was empowering.

“I was a non-athletic teenager, I never worked out. Boxing changed my life,” Slavin said, noting it not only helped her shred her physique but shed some insecurities. “It’s a phenomenal workout.”

Ferber said every time he puts gloves on a client and they learn the technique and get down the punches, “their face lights up and they fall in love with it.”

The best part of the full-body workout is that anyone can do it, “You just need gloves and a smile,” Ferber said.

At GOLO boxing, gloves are available for use and trainers will help wrap each boxer’s hands prior to class. There is room for 28 boxers a class and everyone gets their own personal boxing bag.

For the first 10 minutes of class, the trainer gets everyone warmed up and runs drills on punching techniques and series. Every 45-minute class features a unique mix of exercises and offers a fun, high-intensity workout for beginners and experienced boxers alike—trainers ensure that everyone is properly challenged.

The first class is always free and classes can be purchased in single sessions or in packs. Classes are offered throughout the day starting at 6:15 a.m. According to Ferber, the Sunday morning classes are especially rockin’. Personalized options include private training, parties and self-defense classes.

GOLO Boxing is running a special through Jan. 31: one month of unlimited classes for $49.99 for first-timers. For more information visit

GOLO is located at 742 Genevieve Street in Solana Beach.

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