CCA student serves as host at Motiv8 Teen Summit on Oct. 22

Motiv San Diego is hosting the Motiv8 Teen Service Summit on Sunday, Oct. 22, featuring four inspiring speakers, workshops and a nonprofit expo with more than 50 organizations to show San Diego high school teens about the many ways to give back to their communities.

The summit will be held from noon to 4 p.m. at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego. The free summit is open to all San Diego high school students.

“Whether volunteering is a way into a dream college or a teen has a passion for serving others or they want to truly change the world for the better, the Motiv8 Teen Service Summit will help teens achieve it,” said Garrett Hein, manager of Motiv San Diego.

Motiv connects high school teens of all backgrounds to meaningful volunteer opportunities to foster passion for lifelong community service engagement. In the Motiv San Diego online platform, teens find volunteer opportunities and participate in service that interests them and inspire others to take action.

Motiv San Diego Teen Service Leaders Julia Bernicker, a junior at Francis Parker High School, and Canyon Crest Academy junior Aadil Rehan will serve as the day’s hosts and introduce the speakers.

Speakers include: Brent Camalich, founder of Dude. Be Nice, an apparel company that promotes kindness and inclusiveness; Tina Hovsepian , founder of Cardborigami, a nonprofit organization that provides transitional shelters and programs for those who are homeless, including her patented portable shelter invention; Michael Gaulden, career development coordinator at the Monarch School, the only operational school in the country that exclusively educates students impacted by homelessness; and Lizzy Divine, director of campaign strategy at Do Something, the largest tech company exclusively for young people and social change.

Teen Service Leader Aadil’s commitment to community service led him to become an intern with Motiv this past summer. Aadil said being involved with Motiv allowed him to find meaning in volunteering.

“It turned community service, something that could’ve just been another checkbox on the college apps, into a transformative experience,”Aadil said. “As a teen leader, I seek to inspire people. I want to help turn the spark of motivation that lives inside of all of us into a raging fire, a fire that we use to fuel our actions and fulfill our dreams. I encourage my friends to volunteer, and strive to show them the value that their work has.”

In addition to the inspirational speakers, the summit will also have workshops focusing on one of the motivating factors for volunteering: College, friends, serving, committing, leading, impact and change the world. The expo will allow teens to network with over 50 nonprofits and there will also be collaborative service projects and free giveaways to thank teens for their dedication to volunteering.

Registration for the summit is free through the generosity of the Jim Joseph Foundation, Jewish Federation of San Diego County and the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center. To register and find out more information, visit