Two Mexican-inspired eateries to replace Crudo

Several new restaurants are coming to the Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch to replace the space left vacant by Crudo.

Crudo shuttered in late 2017 after a little over a year and the Rise & Shine Restaurant Group which runs the Village’s Breakfast Republic across the way has announced plans to fill the space with not one but two new restaurant concepts: Casa Rustica and California Taco Club.

According to Rise & Shine, Casa Rustica will bring “Fun Mex” to families of all sizes, serving up specialties “derived from our south-of-the border-neighbors in a casual, festive environment.”

Next door, California Taco Club will serve a rotating menu of taco favorites, offering fresh ingredients, and a “taco-of-the-day” option based on the freshest fish or seafood item they get in that morning.

Both restaurants are slated to open in May 2018.