Solana Beach roads in good condition, report says

Solana Beach's paved roads were recently rated as generally in good condition.
Solana Beach’s paved roads were recently rated as generally in good condition.

The city of Solana Beach’s 42-mile network of roads is generally in good condition, but 14 percent of city-maintained roads are in poor or very poor condition, according to a report presented to the City Council at its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

The survey of city roads was completed in 2016 by a consultant, Infrastructure Management Services, at a cost of about $16,000, according to a city staff report prepared for the council meeting.

The consultant rated the city’s paved roadways on a scale of 0 to 100, with the score of 86 to 100 considered excellent, 56 to 70 meaning good, and 0 to 10 meaning failed. The city’s overall score, or “pavement condition index (PCI),” is 67, according to the staff report, or within the range considered good. That score was “slightly above average” as compared with other cities recently surveyed by the consultant, said the report.

However, 14 percent of Solana Beach’s roads were rated from 0 to 40, meaning poor or very poor condition. The staff report said that backlog “is within an acceptable level and is considered manageable.” The city’s total backlog of deferred road maintenance adds up to $8.8 million, said the staff report.

Until 2008, the city spent about $250,000 per year on road maintenance. During the past several years, said the report, the city increased that amount to $450,000 per year.

“The current funding allocation of $450,000 for the annual Citywide Pavement Improvement Program will gradually increase the Citywide PCI while keeping condition of the overall roadway network at a manageable level and in good condition,” said the report, which noted that the consultant, IMS, recommended increasing the city’s annual road maintenance allocation to $800,000.

As part of its contract, IMS created a matrix to prioritize the city’s road maintenance projects, which can be used each year when the city sets its annual budget.

At the Jan. 11 meeting, the council discussed the report and asked questions, but took no official action.