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Norma Nelson
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RPM Mortgage, a leading private mortgage lender, opened a branch in the Rancho Santa Fe Village a year ago. The branch is managed by Norma Nelson-Wiberg, a longtime member of the Rancho Santa Fe community.

“What makes me stand out is my level of expertise in problem solving and ways to get loans approved,” Nelson-Wiberg said. “In addition, I provide a high level of personalized service not typically seen in the industry today.”

Nelson-Wiberg has been in the mortgage business for 40 years, including 20 years in the Rancho Santa Fe Village.

She spent 18 years with Wells Fargo and has been nationally verified as a top originator year after year. She has funded over $2.2 billion in mortgages since 2002 while assisting more than 2,200 happy families.

Nelson-Wiberg is also involved in the community as a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club and the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society.

Nelson-Wiberg prides herself on her “exceptional work ethic” and her willingness to go above and beyond, being available 24/7 to help clients achieve their home financing goals. Moving to RPM appealed to her as it is a direct lender to approximately 40 lenders—it’s very unique to have that access.

“I can provide solutions for a wide variety of scenarios and I’m not limited to just one lender,” Nelson-Wiberg.

Nelson-Wiberg takes a deep dive into each clients’ financial plans to ensure their long-term goals are met with the best loan product for their needs.

RPM provides a strong platform of innovative loan products for nearly every type of buyer, including: Jumbo loans with little down and no mortgage insurance; flexible requirements for previous financial hardships; 80/10/10 financing; reduced income documentation; low credit scores for government loans; expansive investment opportunities; fixed-rate second mortgages; and no income/no tax returns/just assets loans.

“The company motto for RPM Mortgage is ‘Can Do Will Do’,” Nelson-Wiberg said. “If the mortgage can be done I can do it.”

Nelson-Wiberg offered a few tips as she heads into what she expects to be a busy spring and summer.

“Rising rates is the trend,” she said. “The Feds are saying three more rate increases are coming this year so if you’re thinking of buying, it’s best to plan early.”

If you’re thinking of buying, she recommends getting a full advanced approval which is a fully underwritten loan – all the client needs is to find a home to buy.

“It’s the same as cash,” Nelson-Wiberg said. “Plan early, get credit approved. It gives negotiating power that allows the home buyer to compete with all cash offers.”

Nelson-Wiberg loves the “thrill of finding the solution”— she looks at it like solving a jigsaw puzzle, finding the missing piece that gets her happy customers into their dream homes.

“Providing smart and beneficial lending solutions that allow my clients to acquire and keep their homes long term are the greatest achievements in my career,” Nelson-Wiberg said.

RPM Mortgage is located at 16921 Via de Santa Fe, Suite A in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, visit

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