Circle Drive sewer replacement gets OK from Solana Beach

The Solana Beach City Council on Jan. 10 approved a $532,000 bid to replace nearly 1,500 feet of sewer pipe on Circle Drive that serve roughly 30 oceanfront homes in the city’s northwestern corner, immediately south of Cardiff State Beach.

The Jan. 10 approval means the 90-day project can begin in March. It will excavate and replace 1,450 feet of sewer line that runs nearly the entire loop of Circle Drive and most of Driftwood Lane, a cul de sac that runs behind homes on Circle Drive.

Six inches in diameter, the vitrified clay pipes date from the neighborhood’s subdivision in 1949 and suffer from “numerous sags, cracks and root intrusions,” according to a staff report. The project will install 8-inch pipe.

Burtech Pipeline, Inc. will lead the project. The Encinitas-based firm —founded and managed by husband-and-wife duo Dominic and Julie Burtech — submitted the lowest of nine bids that ranged from $532,226 to $890,875. City engineers deemed Burtech’s bid to be “complete and responsive to the bid specifications.” Founded in 1994, the firm has completed more than 200 projects worth more than $450 million.

The contract — which the council approved as a consent item — includes full pavement overlay and traffic striping. It allows for a contingency fund of $80,000 to cover cost overruns. With the contingency plus a previously done topographical survey and fees for advertising the bid, the project’s total cost will exceed by $130,540 the $500,000 Solana Beach has budgeted for sewer replacements this budget cycle. The city will cover the difference by tapping into its sanitation fund.