New stop sign approved for Carmel View Road

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board approved a new stop sign for Carmel View Road and Caminito Mira Del Mar at its March 23 meeting. The intersection is at the entrance to the Sunstream community, just past Carmel Grove Park and will now be a four-way stop.

Niveen Farmer, a Carmel Valley resident for 13 years, started on the effort to bring a stop sign to the intersection back in 2007.

Currently there are stop signs on Caminito Mira Del Mar but none to slow the cars traveling on Carmel View Road. Farmer said people speed down the road and it can be very dangerous pulling out of the Sunstream community as there is a blind spot due the curve in the road. Farmer said drivers almost have to be in the middle of the road to see if cars are oncoming and many neighbors have reported “near-misses.”

Farmer circulated a petition gathering over 100 signatures and invested time going door-to-door talking to neighbors and posting flyers in the community to raise awareness about the potential stop signs. Farmer said she was met with zero opposition.

Farmer first made her request for stop signs to the city which sent staff out in 2016 and determined that the intersection did not meet the requirements for a four-way stop. The planning board has the ability to take the alternative process and request a stop sign.

As part of their approval of the stop sign, the planning board will also request that the city study a potential crosswalk down the road at Carmel Grove Park.

“I love where I live and I want it to be safe for everyone,” Farmer said.