Sycamore Ridge celebrates happy, healthy Red Ribbon Week

Sycamore Ridge School students celebrated Red Ribbon Week by participating in fun activities to promote fitness and celebrate making healthy choices through diet and exercise.

Olive and Calla Yassin Courtesy
Second grader Cahit Balci Courtesy

As part of Red Ribbon Week, students wrote their “healthy pledges” on red strips of paper to make a paper chain for the front of the school and Fleet Feet, a local running shoe and apparel store located at Pacific Highlands Ranch, kicked off Sycamore Ridge's running club the Stallion Sprinters. Jimbo’s donated apples for kids to enjoy a healthy snack after their morning run.

Second grade teacher Jennifer Cass and her daughter. Courtesy
fleet feet
Fleet Feet owner Kevin Lachenmyer and general manager Katy Puckett helped out the Stallion Sprinters. Courtesy
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