Automated meter reading coming to Santa Fe Irrigation District neighborhoods

New, advanced meters that will be read automatically are being installed block-by-block throughout the Santa Fe Irrigation District service area, starting in November 2016 and continuing in phases for about five years.

The new meters communicate water usage data via wireless technology to the district, ending the need to manually read the district’s 7,000 meters by hand and providing a number of benefits:

Improve the accuracy of bills – The meter reading data goes straight into the billing system with no additional handling. Enhance staff safety by eliminating meter readers exposure to potential injuries, as well as spider and snake bites, bee stings and traffic accidents

Reduces meter reading and billing labor that can be reallocated to maintenance and other more productive activities.

Provide early leak detection by allowing customers to view their water use through an online customer portal.The automated meter reading system consists of a small radio unit attached to the customer’s water meter that sends hourly meter readings to the district. The total cost of the multi-year program is $5.5 million.There will be no change in the frequency of billing and customers will continue to receive a bi-monthly water bill.

The district, which serves the communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch and Solana Beach, will inform customers twice before installing meters in their neighborhood and will take extra care to avoid disruption. Customers interested in more detail about the program or with additional questions, are asked to visit or call the district’s hotline at (858) 227-5800.

- Submitted press release