Fairgrounds officials begin looking to 2020 county fair

The San Diego County Fair will open on June 5 next year.

After 27 days earlier this summer that included 1.5 million visitors, 31,000 pounds of bacon, 47,000 ears of corn and 400 pounds of gourmet candy, 22nd Agricultural District board members said during their Sept. 10 meeting that the 2019 San Diego County Fair was an operational success.

“It was a wonderful fair and a tremendous team effort,” said board member Frederick Schenk, the chair of the 22nd Agricultural District’s Fair Operations Committee.

After kicking off in May this year, the 2020 fair will open June 5 next year. More information about the 2020 county fair will be made public in November.

The board is also in the middle of a lawsuit involving the county fair’s alleged link to an E. coli outbreak, possibly originating from the livestock barn, that resulted in the death of a 2 year old. Board Chair Richard Valdez said board members cannot comment on the E. coli allegations because the lawsuit is pending.

-- Report by Luke Harold