Carmel Valley resident to enter 52nd District Congressional race

Carmel Valley resident Ryan Cunningham, who attended Torrey Pines High School, is running for congress.

Carmel Valley resident Ryan Cunningham recently launched his campaign for California’s 52nd Congressional District. The seat up for election in 2020 is currently held by Congressman Scott Peters.

Cunningham, who has served as a financial advisor and underwriter to municipalities throughout Texas and California, is running as an independent. He issued the following statement about his candidacy on Oct. 28:

“I was born, grew up, and live in the district. I understand the damage that has been done to our quality of life from career politicians like Scott Peters. In this upcoming election, voters are going to have a clear choice between his pro-illegal immigration, pro-foreign worker, pro-China, globalist policies and my agenda, which is focused solely on serving the interests of our citizens. This includes securing the border, growing wages for middle-class Americans, and stopping the endless flows of sewage from Mexico into the United States.

My candidacy will give a new voice to confront the establishment, who are destroying our quality of life with limitless immigration, unchecked development, erosion of freedom and liberty and assault on the very values that made this nation great. I will work tirelessly as a public servant to restore the vision that the founders had for our country, and once again make it a reality for the citizens of the 52nd District.”

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