Solana Beach adding ADA-compliant ramps with federal funding

Solana Beach City Hall
(File photo)

The city of Solana Beach will spend approximately $44,520 in Community Development Block Grant funds to improve public rights of way for residents and visitors with disabilities.

“About the only way in which we can use those funds is for Americans with Disabilities Act improvements to the public right-of-way,” Solana Beach City Manager Greg Wade said at the City Council’s Nov. 13 meeting. “That’s what we’ve used them for in a number of cycles, and our recommendation is to again do that this year.”

The city identified 10 possible locations for ADA-compliant ramps, including multiple intersections along Santa Victoria, Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Stevens Avenue and South Sierra Avenue.

The city has once before given funding to a local organization that serves the underprivileged. But only 15% of its Community Development Block Grant Funds are eligible for use on public services, so the city has typically avoided that option. Wade called it “a lot of paperwork for a relatively small amount of money.”

Community Development Block Grant funds come from a federal program run by the Housing and Urban Development meant to help local communities address needs such as affordable housing, jobs and other opportunities for low-income residents. Funding is allocated based on a formula, and distributed to cities, counties and organizations throughout the country. San Diego recipients of Community Development Block Grant funds include Vietnam Veterans of San Diego, San Diego Housing Commission, San Diego County’s YMCA chapter and San Diego Youth Services.

According to a city staff report, the need for ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act will continue to decrease, so the city will be working with the county, which administers the Community Development Block grants, to identify other potential projects in the future.