Del Mar extends public comment period for zoning changes

Del Mar City Hall
(Jon Clark)

Del Mar residents now have six more weeks to submit their comments to City Hall about about a plan to allow residential housing to be built in two commercial zones.

Instead of Jan. 3, the public comment period will run until Feb. 18, after Del Mar City Council members unanimously approved the extension during their Dec. 2 meeting. Before the extension, a 45-day public comment period opened Nov. 3.

If approved, the zoning changes would allow residential units at a maximum density of 20 units per acre in the North Commercial Zone on Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive, as well as the Professional Commercial Zone on Camino Del Mar at Eighth and Ninth streets.

“It’s frustrating to see this 45-day period come at a time when there are three holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years,” said Arnold Wiesel, president of the Del Mar Hillside Community Association, addressing the council shortly before the vote to grant the extension. “And this is the time that so many people are out of town or planning parties with guests.”

He also said he’s worried about the increased density, adding that “the city and its residents are not ready to change drastically their community and their lives.”

In addition to the city reports on the zoning changes, there would be additional environmental reports for any future projects that are approved for those sites.

According to city staff, the zoning change is necessary for the city to meet its state-mandated housing requirements from the California Department of Housing and Community Development. Del Mar was responsible for creating the zoning for 76 new units over the past decade. Twenty-nine have been built and are now occupied.

The environmental report and supporting information are available at the Del Mar Library and on the city’s website. Written comments can be emailed to management analyst Shaun McMahon at