Clean Energy Alliance board approves implementation plan

Board members of the Clean Energy Alliance met in Carlsbad on Dec. 19, 2019. From left, Cori Schumacher, chair and Carlsbad city council member; Ellie Haviland, vice chair and mayor of Del Mar; and Kristi Becker, Solana Beach city council member.
(Photo by Rob Nikolewski)

The newly formed Clean Energy Alliance approved its state-mandated implementation plan and statement of intent, following a vote by its three-member board of directors Dec. 19 at Carlsbad City Hall.

The Clean Energy Alliance launched earlier this year through a Joint Powers Agreement among the cities of Del Mar, Solana Beach and Carlsbad. It’s one of the newest Community Choice Energy programs, which offer residents and businesses more renewable energy at slightly lower prices than their existing energy providers, when comparing a CCE’s typical default option to the base product available through a provider such as SDG&E. The target date to begin serving local customers is May 2021.

Josh Brock, the client services director at CalPine Energy Solutions, told the board that the implementation plan is “well-crafted, well thought out.” He was the only speaker during public comment.

The CEA’s goal is to provide a minimum 50% renewable energy once it launches, according to the implementation plan. The three member cities are also looking to the CCE to help them meet their goals to reduce greenhouse gases.

Del Mar Mayor Ellie Haviland, the board’s vice chair, said the board should begin the process of forming citizen committees.

“That’s something that has to start sooner rather than later,” said Haviland, adding that Del Mar residents have been asking about the committees.

Haviland and Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher, who serves as board chair, also said the board has to develop a plan for attracting other cities and member organizations to the new CCE program.

The CEA board of directors also hired Bayshore Consulting Group to serve in an interim CEO capacity. The agreement is worth a maximum $50,000.

Bayshore has experience supporting the launch and implementation of five other Community Choice Energy programs, according to CEA staff. The consulting company also worked with Solana Beach, which in 2017 started the Solana Energy Alliance, the first CCE in San Diego County. Solana Beach customers will transition to the new CCE program.

Barbara Boswell, of Bayshore, said the board’s immediate goals include securing its data management, energy suppliers, technical consulting and a call center.

“She clearly has all of the qualifications we’re looking for,” said Solana Beach City Councilwoman Kristi Becker, one of the CEA’s three board members, in response to a question about Solana Beach’s experience working with Bayshore.

Branding, marketing and updating its newly launched website,, are some of the other tasks to be completed.

CEA board meetings have been held at Carlsbad City Hall each month so far, but locations will begin rotating among the three member cities. The next board meeting will be held Jan. 16 at Del Mar City Hall.