CCA student raises funds to help stop the spread of coronavirus

Boxes of hand sanitizer headed to China due to CCA student Andrew Kuang's fundraiser.

After reading the news about the coronavirus outbreak in China, Canyon Crest Academy sophomore Andrew Kuang took initiative and started a fundraiser to raise money to buy medical supplies for hospitals in Wuhan. Through his Facebook fundraiser, he raised $2,100 to purchase 480 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that originated in Wuhan, China and has infected tens of thousands of people and is now spreading to other countries. The number of deaths from the virus has risen to more than 2,600 across the world.

Through his research, Andrew noticed although many fundraisers were created to aid with the crisis, there was a lack of focus on helping to give supplies that effectively prevent infection, like hand sanitizer.

“When the outbreak first started, people would buy supplies from pharmacies and either hoard them or resell them for exorbitantly high prices,” said Andrew. “ I hoped that donating hand sanitizer or other medical supplies could help ordinary people or hospital workers that were desperately running out.”

Andrew came up with a plan to purchase the most cost-effective, bulk, hand sanitizer he found and then his aunt, who works in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, would help distribute the products in Wuhan after he sends it to her. The boxes are currently on their way.

“A fundraiser allows people to take matters into their own hands. I hope that the grand impact of my fundraiser is that donors will understand that fear can be channeled into taking action,” Andrew said. “I hope this fundraiser shows people that huge problems are always solved by ordinary people taking action and issues in places that are underdeveloped or lacking attention will gain the greatest benefit.”