Solana Beach adds funding to fix water damage at City Hall, fire station

Solana Beach City Hall
(Staff photo)

The Solana Beach City Council Nov. 18 unanimously approved another $53,000 in funding for renovations at City Hall and the fire station related to moisture in both buildings that was discovered earlier this year.

An inspection earlier this year by ET&T Indoor Environmental found elevated moisture levels in City Hall and the fire station. The air quality was fine in both buildings, based on the tests that were conducted.

The city contracted with construction company War Rhino in July to fix the water-damaged areas in both buildings, in addition to replacing carpet on the first floor of City Hall and painting the second floor of the fire station and replacing window coverings. According to a city staff report, the damage was more extensive than expected. The full extent of the damage is still being determined.

“I wish the news was better, but good to hear at least it looks like everybody is able to stay healthy,” Solana Beach City Councilman David Zito said.

In addition to the newly allocated $53,000, the city also has $17,000 in unused funds that were previously appropriated for the project.

Part of the damage at City Hall, according to city staff, stems from an air conditioner with refrigerant lines that were uninsulated, or poorly insulated, and produced condensation that led to water damage over the course of several years. There was also rainwater that caused damage in both buildings.

“As is typical with these types of projects, unfortunately, the exact extent of the water intrusion and damage is not really fully known until the areas are fully exposed and assessed for needed repairs,” City Manager Greg Wade said.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many city employees are working remotely, and City Hall has been closed to the public.