‘Parent Volunteer of the Year’ led EnviroHawks at Solana Ranch


The San Diego County School Boards Association Region 17 has awarded Yu Linda Song the 2021 Parent Volunteer of the Year Award for her contributions to the education community and her impact on students’ environmental stewardship.

Yu Linda Song, Parent Volunteer of the Year

Song served as a parent volunteer at Solana Ranch School for several years. According to Solana Ranch Principal Jerry Jones, Song was instrumental in helping student leaders form the Solana Ranch EnviroHawks club which went on to lead monthly all-school assemblies; educate classmates about recycling; initiate a composting program; and host “Zero Waste Lunches” in which students were encouraged to use only reusable containers.

“Working with students to realize a school’s daily impact on our planet and encouraging them to come up with practical changes in their sphere of influence to reduce food waste and mitigate their daily impact on our fragile planet was a highlight of my time in the Solana Beach School District,” said Song. “These amazing students came up with ways to encourage their peers to think about their own daily actions. It is my hope that what we started is only the beginning of promoting a culture of sustainability and environmentally-responsible students. It is truly an honor to be recognized in this way.”

In addition to her work at Solana Ranch, Song also helped initiate a project with another SBSD campus. The collaboration between the EnviroHawks and Skyline School’s student club the EcoOtters resulted in a joint presentation to the school board that led to a new board resolution, the “Call to Climate Change Action, Sustainability, and Environmental Stewardship.”

“The outcomes of Mrs. Song’s ability to share her passion for the environment, inspire our young people and guide our EnviroHawk students at Solana Ranch School are felt across our district,” said Vicki King, president of the SBSD Board of Education.

SBSD Superintendent Jodee Brentlinger said that Song has left a lasting legacy.

“Her impact on the Solana Beach School District and our students will be felt for years to come,” Brentlinger said. “We look forward to when we may revisit these environmental practices to reduce waste and instill environmental stewardship into our classrooms and homes.”