Asphalt resurfacing proceeding on Del Mar Heights streets

Traffic improvements along Del Mar Heights Road have been a contentious issue for local residents over the years.
(Luke Harold)

The city of San Diego is in the process of securing contracts for an asphalt resurfacing project that will include the residential streets north of Del Mar Heights Road.

“It became quite apparent to me, when I was in campaign mode and walking streets of Del Mar Heights, the condition of the roads,” said San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava, whose district includes Del Mar Heights.

Construction for the project, which will cost about $10.5 million citywide, is expected to run through next spring. Contracts for the work will be awarded through this summer. Preliminary engineering and design started about three years ago, according to the city’s website.

LaCava added that the city recognised the poor condition of the residential streets in Del Mar Heights and proposed asphalt overlays, which is “more aggressive pavement repair and longer lasting than the slurry seals that we see being used on streets that are in better condition.”

Council District 1 is home to some of the city’s older communities, such as Del Mar Heights and La Jolla, and newer ones like Carmel Valley.

“It’s always important for constituents to remind me and for me to remind city staff that we have some very old communities, which means very old roads and very old infrastructure that needs attention,” he said.

Residents in Del Mar Heights have been advocating for a comprehensive set of street safety measures, particularly along Del Mar Heights Road. In 2019, the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board voted to install a stoplight at Del Mar Heights Road and Mercado Drive, which still needs a source of funding.

“We are looking at the traffic signal on Del Mar Heights, which has been a priority for the community, and we’re working with staff to try to secure funding for the traffic signal,” LaCava said. “We hope to have an update on that in the next month or so.”