Del Mar author recognized with San Diego Book Award

David Hoffer

The science-fiction novel “Melody: A First Contact Novel,” by Del Mar writer David Stangland, was the winner for the 2021 San Diego Book Award in Published Magical Fiction

Stangland published the book under his pen name, David Hoffer. The story’s protagonist, Stephen, has a voice in his head that convinces him that there’s a way to bring his daughter back to life. He eventually finds out the fate of the universe is in the balance.

"Melody" book cover

The idea for “Melody” was inspired in part by Hoffer’s experience working in the information technology industry, in addition to comments the Dalai Lama has made on rebirth.

“It’s got some real science behind it about how we’d actually make contact and what that message would say, how we would decipher it,” Hoffer said in a previous interview, referring to some of the plot points throughout the story.

He also said he is planning a sequel.

“Melody” is available on Amazon in hard copy, ebook and audiobook.