E-merge Capital Partners in Solana Beach looks to boost medical device companies

Brad Klos

Founded by two University of San Diego graduates, the Solana Beach-based E-merge Capital Partners launched in February to focus on early stage medical device companies, providing funding that can lead to new technologies aimed at improving quality of life.

“We’re developing some really, I think, unique products that will end up being acquired by very large companies,” said Brad Klos, managing partner. “A couple are already in the stages of that happening.”

For the record:

10:33 a.m. Sept. 22, 2021E-merge is also open to investing in class I and III devices; a previous version said class II and III

E-merge is focused mostly on class II medical devices for cardiovascular and orthopedic needs. Class II devices, which include power wheelchairs and some pregnancy test kits, are the most common types of medical devices, according to the FDA. The firm is also open to investing in class I and III devices.

Klos is originally from Tacoma, Washington, where the firm is also located. He moved to San Diego about 25 years ago and now lives in Solana Beach, blocks away from E-merge’s office. After establishing a career in the medical device business, he said he wanted to start a firm focused solely on medical devices

“The medical device business in San Diego is growing a lot,” Klos said. “In North County, obviously Carlsbad is a main spot.”

Venture funding has surpassed $2 billion in each of the last three fiscal quarters, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported in July. In 2017, by comparison, San Diego startups raised $1.7 billion for the entire year.

“We don’t want to become this big, massive company,” Klos said. “We want to stay small and nimble and work on technologies that meet our criteria.”

E-merge Capital Partners is located at 535 Stevens Ave. W. in Solana Beach. For more information, visit e-mergecapital.com.