CCA student achieves top ACT score


Carmel Valley resident Ernest Ibarolle III, son of Jay and Leilani Ibarolle and a senior at Canyon Crest Academy, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36. Ernest completed 10 Advanced Placement courses at Canyon Crest at the end of his junior year. By 2022 graduation, Ernest will complete a total of 16 Advanced Placement courses. His current GPA at Canyon Crest Academy is a 4.5 weighted. Some of Ernest’s extracurricular activities include the CCA Math Team, Key Club, Programming and Problem Solving Club, golf, and piano. Ernest attended Ocean Air Elementary and Pacific Trails Middle School before Canyon Crest Academy.

Ernest Ibarolle III
Ernest Ibarolle III

Fewer than half of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2020, only 5,579 out of 1.67 million students who took the ACT earned a top composite score of 36.

The ACT consists of English, mathematics, reading, and science; each scored on a scale of 1-36. A student’s composite score is the average of the four test scores. ACT’s optional writing test score is reported separately and is not included within the ACT composite score.