Local school boards keep presidents in place


The community’s three local school districts have retained their board leadership for the coming year. Organizational meetings were held by the boards the week of Dec. 13.

In the Solana Beach School District, the board will keep the existing slate of Vicki King as president, Debra Schade as vice president and Gaylin Allbaugh as clerk.

Vicki King

“We have been through a lot of change this last year, both internally and externally. Our board leadership is one instance where we do not have to impose change. It is a stability we, as a board, can maintain,” King said. “By keeping our leadership the same in 2022, we can look forward to immediately focusing on our top priority of doing what is best for our students.”

In the Del Mar Union School District, Trustee Doug Rafner nominated Erica Halpern to continue on as president, a role she’s held since 2019.

“I’d be willing to do it for one more year,” Halpern told her fellow board members. “I believe in culture and I think that the culture of the board is that we all have really different opinions about a lot of things a lot of times but that we really endeavor to work out the best solution for kids and for the district.”

Erica Halpern

Gee Wah Mok will continue as board clerk.

In the San Dieguito district, Mo Muir was voted in to serve as president again. At their Dec. 14 organizational meeting, San Dieguito Trustee Katrina Young initially nominated outgoing Vice President Melisse Mossy to serve as president next year. Mossy was not in attendance at the meeting and the vote failed 2-2 with Julie Bronstein and Young voting in support and Muir and Michael Allman opposed.

Allman then nominated Muir to continue as president, which passed 3-1 with Young opposed.

Muir nominated Allman for vice president, which passed 3-1 with Young opposed. Bronstein was unanimously appointed clerk.

“I’m pleased to have the support of our board to be elected to another term as board president,” said Muir in a statement. “It’s my desire to encourage a collaborative decision-making team to stretch ourselves in making and meeting high-level organizational goals. These goals should provide a safe educational environment while preparing our kids for future academic and professional achievements.

“My goals are: 1. continue to strengthen the path to college by preparing all grades including middle school for a successive entrance to college. 2. Start the building for a district pool. 3. Lowering class sizes.”

Muir said she also hopes to hold a team-building/strategic planning town hall that will bring together the board, district staff members, students, parents and teachers to create a comprehensive work plan for San Dieguito that places kids first.