Last Mile San Diego helps provide supplies to Ukraine


After launching about two years ago to provide personal protective equipment to hospitals and others in need, Last Mile San Diego has turned its attention to assisting Ukraine with supplies as the Russian invasion continues.

“Our group’s initial mission was to get PPE to healthcare providers,” said Dr. Amy Aminlari, an emergency physician who lives in North County and is co-founder of Last Mile San Diego. “We weren’t getting them in the hospital. Then that led to us also providing PPE to underserved populations, places that had the highest rates of COVID, and people who couldn’t afford to purchase masks or have access to them, homeless shelters.”

At the beginning of March, after speaking with an organizer who was trying to assist Ukraine through House of Ukraine in San Diego, Aminlari and the small group she works with at Last Mile led an effort to put together more than $20,000 of medical supply donations over last weekend for an emergency flight out of Los Angeles.

Last Mile San Diego has brought nearly $6 million in PPE and other medical gear to front-line workers over the past two years in places such as San Diego, Tijuana, the Philippines, Louisiana and New York, according to group members.

Last Mile San Diego collects requests for supplies, then verifies each one to determine the need and urgency. Aminlari added that more exposure will help the group secure more supplies.

“We have been running on zero funding, and just out of the goodwill of the community and the support of very key people,” she said.

“It’s been a crazy ride, but it started with COVID,” Aminlari said. “We expanded our mission from just providing PPE to just trying to help people in emergency situations who really needed help. We’re really trying to garner more support for the group so we can help with the Ukraine situation even more. There are still jets flying out, there are still supplies that are needed. People are wounded and they don’t have basic things like tylenol, gloves. It’s very sad.”

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