San Dieguito names CCA’s Timothy Stiven Teacher of the Year

SDUHSD Teacher of the Year Timothy Stiven
SDUHSD Teacher of the Year Timothy Stiven (center) with CCA Principal Brett Killeen, Trustee Julie Bronstein, Superintendent Cheryl James-Ward and SDFA President Duncan Brown.

District office’s Cathy Shroyer is Classified Employee of the Year


The San Dieguito Union High School District has announced Timothy Stiven as its 2022 Teacher of the Year and Cathy Shroyer as its 2022 Classified Employee of the Year.

Stiven is in his 16th year teaching social science and humanities at Canyon Crest Academy and his 36th year overall as a teacher. He has been the coordinator for the Envision Conservatory in the Humanities at CCA for nine years and currently teaches AP European History, AP World History and Non-Western World History for students between the ninth and 12th grades.

“Mr. Stiven is so deserving of this honor,” said CCA Principal Brett Killeen in a news release. “Not only does he nurture and facilitate ideas generated by our own students in our district, he connects them to young people across the world to collaborate and empower them to truly make a difference in our world.”

A fourth-generation educator from both sides of his family tree, Stiven’s love for history began when his great-grandfather gave him a “History of the U.S. Civil War” book for Christmas when he was 10 years old. The curiosity that followed led Stiven to the path of becoming an educator.

At CCA, Stiven’s students have earned numerous recognitions in San Diego and in the country, most recently when his Conservatory students presented their graphic novel “Jasper and the Spirit Skies” at Comic-Con 2021 and this academic year when his students began teaching science labs over Zoom to girls in Kabul, Afghanistan, following the Taliban takeover of the country.

“Mr. Stiven is an outstanding educator whose ‘real life’ teaching style allows his students to develop their critical thinking skills in a comprehensive and highly engaging manner,” SDUHSD Trustee Julie Bronstein said in the news release. “He teaches his students how to become citizens of the world by regularly exposing them to their peers in other countries such as Afghanistan, Africa and China. Mr. Stiven’s passion for teaching inspires students and other educators to strive for excellence. I am so impressed with his ability to create connections with students on an international basis which has led to improved educational outcomes for students not only in San Diego but throughout the world.”

“(When I came to CCA after 17 years at an elite college prep school in Los Angeles), my goal was to bring to a public school what is done at prep schools all the time - constant innovation,” Stiven said in the news release. “The Envision Conservatory for the Humanities at CCA is proof that public schools have the resources to exceed in areas private schools claim is their purview only: a well-rounded education to matriculate to the elite universities.”

As the district winner, Stiven will now advance to the San Diego County Employee of the Year Program administered by the San Diego County Office of Education and compete with other school district winners for the title of San Diego County Teacher of the Year.

Cathy Shroyer

Cathy Shroyer, administrative assistant in the administrative services department at the district office, has been with the district for 20 years.

As an administrative assistant in support of pupil services, Shroyer performs a broad range of duties including: working closely with families through the Student Attendance Review Board; working with student support specialists at school sites to order supplies for students in foster care and those experiencing homelessness; providing leadership to office substitutes; and assisting with the various pupil service areas including student records and school selection.

Prior to her assignment at the district office, Shroyer first worked as an instructional assistant in the special education program supporting students with severe disabilities at Torrey Pines High School starting in 2002 before becoming an office assistant at Carmel Valley Middle School.

District staff noted that Shroyer’s helpfulness, friendliness and caring personality are highlights that make her an ideal employee with one commenting that “Cathy’s commitment to the District is unfaltering. It is largely due to her efforts that the work of the administrative services division meets all requirements and runs as smoothly as possible each year.”

As the district recipient of this honor, Shroyer will advance to the County Classified Employee of the Year program administered by the San Diego County Office of Education.