Del Mar council discusses possible exit from Metro Wastewater JPA

Del Mar City Hall
(Jon Clark)

Del Mar City Council members discussed the city’s possible exit from the Metropolitan Wastewater Commission Joint Powers Authority at their Oct. 3 council meeting.

“There’s no use for it,” said City Councilmember Dan Quirk, who has represented Del Mar on the commission. “We don’t use the service at all. It’s a drain on our resources.”

According to a city staff report, Del Mar joined the Metro Wastewater JPA in 2000. The cities in the JPA receive sewer treatment services through the city of San Diego’s wastewater facilities. Since 2018, Del Mar has sent all wastewater to the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority.

“While staff have initiated negotiations to amend the City’s agreement with the METRO JPA to reflect operational changes in the City’s handling of its waste water, the City is currently an active member of the METRO JPA and its Commission,” according to the city staff report.

The council also removed Joe Bride, the city’s public works director, as an alternate to the Metro Wastewater JPA Commission because he also serves as a primary member on the JPA’s Technical Advisory Committee. Metro JPA officials requested that the city appoint a different alternate, instead of having Bride serving both roles. Now there are council members serving in both roles.

Council members said they will continue to evaluate exit strategies.

“I really don’t think we should be attending these meetings at all,” Quirk said.