Metaverse Bots team of local students wins FLL competition

The Del Mar Pines Metaverse Bots team.
(Copyright FLL team 52797)

FIRST Lego League (FLL) team the Metaverse Bots has had a successful 2022 FLL season, starting with a strong showing at the qualifying tournament in Encinitas.

The team includes local students Amber Del Mar Pines fourth grader), Allison (a fifth grader from Solana Ranch, Andy (a sixth grader from Bishops), Charlie (fifth grade, Solana Ranch), Selena (fifth grade, Solana Ranch), Sophia (fifth grade, Solana Ranch and Eric, a fourth grader from Solana Pacific and Jeffrey and Lucas, fifth graders at Solana Ranch.

“A big part of the competition is six important values of the robot competition called the core values,” said Amber. “These are discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork and fun. These core values have brought our team together and is the foundation of our success.”

In addition to core values, the team is also scored on categories such as their innovation project, core values, robot game and robot design. The Metaverse Bots’ innovation was a heating and cooling jacket designed by the students.

At the Encinitas qualifier, the team earned second place for the innovation project and third for the robot game. Their high scores sent them on to the regional competition in Poway on Dec. 11, where the team increased their core value score and got first place, qualifying them for the SoCal championships at UC Riverside on Dec. 17, where they placed fifth in robot design.