Fundraiser approaches goal for Rancho Del Mar path


More than $18,000 has been raised as of the first week of March in a GoFundMe by Rancho Del Mar leaders to restore the Rancho Del Mar Community Path, which provides access to the nearby Lomas Santa Fe golf course and schools in the area.

“Thanks to the hard work of several in our community and the understanding of the importance of the path to all of us, we have come to a resolution!!” reads the GoFundMe page. “As you know, the path is an important part of our community and provides a place to walk our dogs, run and ride our bikes, and access to the Lomas Santa Fe golf course.”

The fundraiser’s goal is $22,000. The breakdown of the costs is $4,000 for coral tree removal, $12,000 for the installation of a new concrete path, $3,000 for additional landscaping and $3,000 for legal easement documents.

John Cavanaugh, president of the homeowners association at Rancho Del Mar Estates, was part of the negotiating with neighbors to make the reopened path possible.

“It’s a simple property dispute that was brought up once the new homeowner purchased a property outside of our gate, and we determined the path that was on there really wasn’t done legally back in the day, and we’re just trying to correct it and make it a safe, easy way for people to travel through there and walk. Kids go to school, golf carts go to Lomas Santa Fe and what have you. It’s a big loop that everyone uses on a regular basis.”

Rancho Del Mar Estates will maintain the path after the work is complete.

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