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By Bud Emerson Watching the Del Mar City Council stumble clumsily toward decisions about downtown re(sic)vitalization, it seems they have a bit of amnesia about how the community has evolved over the years.
By Bud Emerson Taking our granddaughters to the fair again this year was a real treat.
By Bud Emerson Resident, Del Mar It is painful to hear voices challenging the pay and benefits of Del Mar city employees.
By Bud Emerson Resident, Del Mar Two of the best reasons to approve the sale of the fairgrounds to the city of Del Mar are to achieve competence and accountability.
By Bud Emerson On Thursday, Aug. 8, the One Paseo project presented a parade of project planners who patronized people of Carmel Valley with pretty pictures of pods, piazzas, pearls and platoons purporting to placate problems posed by their project plans.
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We Delmarians will soon have an opportunity to transform our downtown from a car-centric area to a pedestrian-centric environment.