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AutoMatters & More: 2018 San Diego Travel & Adventure Show

The San Diego Travel & Adventure Show is an annual tradition. It helps you explore the wide world of vacation possibilities, near and far, by bringing together industry experts on a wide range of travel options and related activities, at one time and in one place – the San Diego Convention Center. Here you can explore new destinations and thousands of vacation options; plan your vacation by meeting face-to-face with travel experts; learn, in informative workshops, how to save money and travel better; meet travel celebrities; uncover expert travel tips; save money with exclusive show-only travel deals; and experience faraway cultures through culture, food, dance and demonstrations. Attendees may enter to win one of many valuable, travel related prizes. You could even ride a camel!

In the informative and entertaining “Travel Matchmaking Game Show with Cruise Planners,” a representative from Celebrity Cruises explained that “one great thing about Celebrity or about cruising in general is that you do get to see a ton of destinations while you are aboard. You do really get to immerse yourself into the culture. We do offer a ton of overnight experiences ... so you will have time to explore the nightlife. The best part is you get to go onboard and eat your meals, and perhaps indulge in some beverages too, that are already paid for; and you only have to unpack one time, so that is a plus as well. We do go to all seven continents.”

Camel ride
Ride a camel! Jan Wagner

For a different kind of cruise experience, Alma Waterways spoke about river cruising. “We embark in the heart of the city, so you get to just go and walk right into a local village. Everything’s included: breakfast, dinner, all the excursions. If you like bicycling, we have bikes onboard that are complimentary, so you get to experience local culture.”

Sandals and Beaches Resort are located in the Caribbean. “The beauty of an all-inclusive resort is that you can immerse yourself in the culture of that island that you’ve on. ... Your meals and drinks, your land, water sports, tips, taxes, gratuities – you don’t even need to rent a car because we pick you up at the airport, plus we take you back. What that means is a stress free, worry free vacation on those beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Sandals is adults-only, so you won’t have kids running around. However, if you decide to travel with the family or the kids we have a second brand which is Beaches. That has the waterparks, the kids’ camp – where they can go out and enjoy themselves as well as be a family, but have a vacation separately. We also cater to kids with special needs. We have one-on-one service for kids with special needs. We include everything for everyone at a Sandals and Beaches vacation.”

Travel Africa
Travel to Africa Jan Wagner
Culinary winner
Culinary Fight Club winner Chef Barbara Pollastrini Jan Wagner

Samantha Brown shared her insight into the making of her popular PBS program “Places to Love,” and by extension helps us make more effective travel videos. To better engage her audience with the locals who she features on her program, she endeavors to have them make eye contact with the camera: “What I’m asking them (to do) is really hard. They have to look down the barrel of a camera. It is so intimidating. I’m asking them to put their eyes right in that camera so they talk to you. They’re talking to you and introducing themselves to you so that you understand where they’re from. I think it highlights something that is terribly missing in our lives, and that is just eye contact and listening to one another, and enjoying each other’s company. And so you listen, you are a part of the show. The locals tell you how they feel about where they live. This really shows how unique each destination is.”

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An integral part of travel is enjoying the local cuisine. The San Diego Travel & Adventure Show has that covered too through something called the Culinary Fight Club. Two local chefs square off against each other in a timed, 60-minute competition to see who could better impress the two judges with their culinary talents, all the while being encouraged by entertaining “CHEFEREE” Anthony Martorina.

For more information on Travel & Adventure Shows in cities throughout the year, visit www.TravelShows.com.

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