AutoMatters+: Magellan RoadMate 5322-LM GPS & “Jurassic World”


Magellan RoadMate 5322-LM GPS

Today’s portable GPS devices are fast and inexpensive. For this review, Magellan asked me to test-drive their new RoadMate 5322-LM ($149.99 on the website).

Its five-inch screen size means that it is small enough to conveniently carry (which I always do, after someone broke into my car and stole one once), and yet it is large enough to see what is on the screen. I quickly figured out how to use it without reading a manual, so it is not necessary to memorize counter-intuitive commands.

Its features include free lifetime map updates; spoken directions in advance of where to turn (and then a handy chime sounds when you reach that point); lane guidance provided well in advance, so that you can move over to the correct side of the freeway before an exit; 7 million points of interest; and built-in maps for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

There are several models, so compare their features at

On the downside, the voice prompts are a little choppy and the text breaks up if viewed from an angle.

But the most serious issue, which I verified with a Magellan Resolution Manager, is that the downloadable Magellan “Content Manager” program, which is recommended to transfer the maps and software updates to the unit, and to back up the contents of the device’s address book, is not compatible with the current Mac OS-X (v10.10.3) operating system.

He directed me to install an alternate program, but that will only do the map and software updates. It will not sync addresses with this GPS model. He told me that Magellan is working on this issue and a new version of their recommended Content Manager program.

“Jurassic World”

Before the lights dimmed, another reviewer and I had been discussing how movie sequels are typically not as entertaining as the originals, at least in part because the originals come as more of a surprise. With sequels, we sort of know what to expect.

Earlier this year, that expectation was shattered with the release of “Mad Max: Fury Road” — a sequel that is arguably much better than the original. It has a great story, is full of surprises, and benefits from incredibly realistic special effects that look like exquisitely coordinated stunts.

Likewise, “Jurassic World” — another sequel — is also a brilliantly crafted film with its own special surprises, this time including dinosaurs that we can empathize with. Both films feature women in strong leading roles.

“Jurassic World” goes way, way beyond Steven Spielberg’s original, creating a major theme park that was only hinted at before everything came crashing down in “Jurassic Park.”

“Jurassic World” looks absolutely lifelike, complete with a crowded, bustling main street; spectacular exhibit buildings; a monorail; roaming dinosaurs; and even a dinosaur petting zoo for little kids. The level of detail is meticulous. Except for not being able to have actual dinosaurs, this could conceivably be part of Universal Studios — and speaking of Universal, have you taken their Studio Tour tram ride recently? If so, then you’ve seen the accompanying Jimmy Fallon tour guide video. Get ready to laugh during “Jurassic World.”

The brief moments of comic relief aside, as an audience we are drawn into the life-threatening reality of “Jurassic World.” We actually jumped when the inevitable “dinosaurs behaving badly” stuff happened.

The dinosaurs seemed chillingly alive. The state-of-the-art video special effects are great.

Aside from the Mercedes product placements, there is another very cool vehicle here, called a gyrosphere. It is an enclosed, self-propelled, off-road capable, bulletproof glass-protected sphere that is large enough to seat two passengers comfortably as they ride around Jurassic World. I want one!

Towards the latter part of the movie, I was curious to see how the audience around me was reacting to the nonstop action and suspense. There was only one problem: I could not bring myself to look away — not even for an instant. I was mesmerized. My eyes were riveted to the screen.

I did not want this movie to end, but at least there are strong suggestions that another sequel may be in the works — except for one thing: Who would be crazy enough to go back there yet again? Scary stuff...

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