Hand and arm targeted massage relieves pain


Massage for the hands, wrists and arms is a practical, useful and energizing technique that is making a big difference in our tech-forward world.

The reliance on keyboards and cell phones has resulted in continuous and repetitive movements in the hands, wrists and arms, straining the muscles, ligaments and joints. Our fingers, palms and wrists sometimes feel more “mouse claws” than hands as we grab for the computer mouse most of the day – at home, at work and at play.

The integration of regular massage into a wellness plan can improve circulation in the hands, wrists and arms and provide a wider range of motion, especially for those whose jobs or lifestyles engage in repetitive hand/arm movements. The applied pressure and targeted stretching from massage can decrease pain and increase flexibility and strength.

Regular hand and arm massage also are an excellent therapy for anyone with pain associated with arthritis, according to Arthritis Foundation studies. Regular targeted hand and arm massage – usually once a week – reduces pain and can improve grip.

Stimulating circulation in your hands is important, especially if you suffer from some medical conditions, including arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Studies show that patients diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome, a rare painful condition of the fingers, toes and areas in which there is a reduction in blood flow to the extremities. Massage can aid in resolving trigger finger, which causes a finger to be locked in the outstretched in a pointed position. Massage relaxes the muscles in the hand, offering some relief from this condition.

Massage can promote healing during the recovery period after surgery or an injury, because massage increase flexibility and range of motion.

Greater range of motion can be achieved when the ligaments and muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and arms are loosened with massage. Improved circulation to injured tissues speeds your healing as nutrients travel to the tissue in the injured area. Massage releases harmful metabolic byproducts that tend to accumulate in your tissues following trauma, too.

In addition to pain relief and management, studies show that all types of massage reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This includes hand and arm massage.

Massage Concepts offers 30-, 60-, 75- and 90-minute massage sessions that target the hands, wrists and arms as well as Tech Buster sessions that combine hand/arm with neck and shoulder and foot massages. The combination sessions offer an even deeper level of relaxation and stress relief. Add-on products such as Tiger Balm, Blu Emu, pure coconut oil and hot stones are offered during all massage sessions.

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