Working Moms: How to Know if You’re Making the Right Career Choice

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One problem many of us face in life is picking a career. Either we have so many options, or, for whatever reason, our options are extremely limited. Do you go with what you really want to do, or do you go with the more “sensible” choice?Making the right career choice becomes even tougher when you become a parent. Your priorities change, meaning your career values may change also. How do you make the tough decision between fulfilling your career goals while maintaining that work-life balance that will allow you to focus on your family as well? We’ve put together a list of questions you can ask yourself to help guide you through this difficult decision.

Does Your Job Compromise Your Responsibilities at Home?

Before you became a mom, your job was probably the main focus of your life. Now that you are a mom, your priorities have changed. Does your job fit into your lifestyle? Consider the following points:Do company policies allow for flexibility in your schedule?Does your job permit you to go to your kids’ school plays, football practices, or even sit down and eat dinner as a family?If you have a newborn, are you still expected to travel for work?What about dropping off and picking up kids at school? In other words, does your job give you work-life balance, or is it slowly draining the life out of you and making you miss out on your children’s lives? Sure, that’s a loaded question, but try to be honest with yourself when answering.

Is Your Job Adding Value to Your Life?

Your career should allow you to make progress as an individual. So many of us stay stuck in the same job for years, without challenging ourselves, mainly because it’s comfortable. Are you teaching your children to chase their dreams, or are you teaching them to settle? For many of us, it’s important to lead by example as parents. Are you doing what you love and learning along the way, or are you simply doing what you must to pay the bills? Does your job meet or even exceed your financial needs? Remember that you’re not only a mom, but you’re an individual with interests and goals. Going after those goals will make you—and your family—happier in the long run.

What’s Stopping You from Making a Career or Life Change?

Sure, we all have bills to pay, but that shouldn’t be the go-to excuse for staying in a job that doesn’t bring any (or enough) fulfillment. Oftentimes, we get in our own way. Either we think we’ll fail and won’t take the risk, or we convince ourselves that our goals are unrealistic. Check in with yourself to see if fear and uncertainty are standing in the way. Perhaps you are truly fulfilled in your current position.

What Are Your Options for Managing the Career You Love and Motherhood?

Perhaps you chose your career because you wanted to help people. Find out if there are other ways you can serve your community that fit into your life as a mom and match your personality. For example, as a doctor, you may find that the working hours are simply too demanding to maintain both career fulfillment and a fulfilling home life. Why not venture into another branch of healthcare—one that would allow you to work from home and spend time with your family while still allowing you to help other people? Do some research into the various alternative forms of your career and see what can still satisfy your professional goals.

Remember—You Do Have a Say!

The mere fact that you’re questioning whether your current job is right for you should serve as a red flag. Chances are that one or more aspects of your life are suffering because of your lack of fulfillment. Perhaps you rarely see your family because your working hours are demanding; maybe your career is at a standstill because of your family commitments; perhaps you barely have time for yourself because of both and so you’re unable to give your career or family the attention they deserve. You feel caught between a rock and a hard place. We get it!We at Moms Making Six Figures are here to tell you that you don’t have to stay stuck. You can take back control of your life and do what’s right for you and your family. Work-life balance is within reach!

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