Proof is in the pudding – Vegas Cup Spring Classic Champions

The Vegas Cup Champions

Who said you can’t play with your best friends, have fun and dominate in competitive club sports. The DMCV Sharks Boys 2000 Soccer team continues to prove they have identified the winning formula. Last spring, this group of boys decided they wanted to form their own team, with just their closest friends, for the last season before heading off to college. For years, these boys have been split up between the local soccer clubs — always wishing they could play together. This season they decided it was going to be different. They tried out and spoke to all the local soccer clubs hoping to find a coach that would take them on, but the dream seemed elusive. Then one Monday, after competitive tryouts were finished, the team got a call from Coach Burson with the DMCV Sharks. He said, “Get 17 boys to show up and I will take on the team.” The next day, 17 boys promptly showed up, and Coach Burson agreed to take a chance on a team that he had not recruited himself, and it paid off in spades. The Sharks team played in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) this past fall and finished the season with an 8-1-1 record finishing their division in 1st place.

After the competitive club season finished, the Sharks team disbanded, so the players could go play for their respective high school soccer teams – CCA and Torrey Pines. As the high school season was nearing the end, the boys realized they didn’t want their soccer careers to be over just yet. So, they decided to play in one more club postseason tournament. San Diego had so much rain during the month of March that the team only had two practices before they headed off to participate in the Vegas Cup Spring Classic. They were a little rusty, to say the least, after not playing soccer for about a month, but that didn’t stop them as they were just stoked to be together again as a team.

The team played two games both ending in 0-0 ties, which meant they had to win the final game against a local San Diego Competitive Soccer Club, La Jolla Impact, in order to advance to the championship game. The Sharks won 3-2, but it was a nail biter, and set up a rematch against the same La Jolla Impact team in the finals. The Sharks team once again defeated the Impact team and emerged as Vegas Cup Champions.

These boys are champions in more ways than one… Not only did they walk away with a huge trophy, but they were champions for believing in themselves and accomplishing their dream even when facing adversity. They proved that if you love what you are doing, love who you are doing it with, and having fun at the same time – great things can happen. —News release