As wildfires burn, Texas politician mocks California

How’s this for Southern hospitality?

As wildfires burned in Southern California, scorching thousands of acres and destroying hundreds of homes, a politician from the Lone Star state posted a picture of an cartoon state of Texas grinning and kicking California in its nether regions. He was trying to whip up Texas conservatives against left coast liberals.

“Hey California, heard a picture is worth a thousand words. TEXAS Let’s see if it’s also worth a 1,000+LIKES…” State Representative Pat Fallon said on his campaign’s Facebook page Wednesday.

After Hurricane Harvey flooded parts of Texas in August, California sent search and rescue teams to assist. Fallon’s home, Denton County, like Southern California, is currently experiencing dry conditions and high winds — prime variables for a wildfire — and is under a burn ban.

After the timing of his post was criticized, Fallon fought back against his detractors and said he had no clue about the fires.

Responding to one commenter, Fallon said, “The faux outrage from some is a bit much. First this is innocent humor. It’s a couple of stick figures for goodness sakes. Second, I wasn’t even aware of the fires in CA. Been focused on our campaign. Third, this has nothing whatever to do with the fires. Those are awful and we pray for the victims and first responders. This is aimed at the liberal lunacy in the CA state gov’t. Fifth, that is all.”

His post received mixed reception.

“California is burning for a reason,” one person posted.

Others criticized Fallon.

”No need to bash another state,” another person posted. “California is burning right now, people are suffering. You can talk about the good you will do without bashing someone else. People need to learn to act like adults.”

Others posted onto their own Facebook page that they criticized Fallon for his post and were subsequently blocked.

The Thomas Fire in Ventura County has burned 96,000 acres, a blaze fueled by dry conditions and extreme Santa Ana winds. On Thursday blazes broke out in San Diego County, charring more than 2,500 acres and destroying 20 structures and counting. At least two people have been injured in the latest wildfire.

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This article has been updated with a screengrab of Texas State Representative Pat Fallon’s post after it was deleted from his campaign’s Facebook page.

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